Shogun 2: Total War


After a series that spans more than a decade, the Creative Assembly returns to origins, with a continuation of the title that brought them fame. Shogun 2: Total War covers a famous period from the Japanese history, Sengoku Jidai, full of conflicts and betrayals, but also the first one, the Japanese clans uniting under one leader, Tokuwa Ieyasu. The single player campaign focuses on the presentation, the player being able to choose among ten main clans - choose the best option.

The game play is split across the lap, which takes place on the strategic map, and real-time battles. It is necessary to master many aspects of the game: recruitment of troops, economic development and research of the two branches – Way of the Bushido and the Way of the Chi. There are six types of troops – cavalry, infantry with swords, spearmen, archers, infantry with fire weapons and siege units. You should consider also generals, heroes and special units like ninja monks, geishas and so on.

Economy and diplomacy are more important than ever, the last one being rethought from the rest of the titles of the series. The economy is based on the development and comes from farms, looting, trading and taxes. In the diplomatic field, now all actions – peace, treaties, declarations of war, alliances  are made via a single screen - join to play.

Battle are treated with the same attention, there are many strategies that can be made. It’s not healthy to plunge straight into a battle, a battle lost has fatal consequences in the medium and long term. Need to be taken into account the conditions – terrain, weather time of the day, generals skills and so on, each one of these affecting the outcome of a conflict.

There is also a multiplayer part, improved compared with Napoleon: Total Warm including cooperative campaigns, Drop-in-Battles – instead of the AI, you have an ally or human opponent – and Avatar Conquest mode. The last one allow you to create a hero in RPG style and conquered separate provinces on a map with battles against other human players. The skirmish has 37 maps with various setting and AI proves its full new skills, even if a little exaggerated aggressiveness - discover the details.

The graphic is as spectacular as in other games, 3D offers various models and a bloody spectacle, along with impressive views of the full zoom. The soundtrack combines old and new songs, plus speeches in Japanese that contributes enormously to immersion. In big lines: Shogun 2: Total War is perhaps the best game so far in the series, not just a remake, but a completely new game, almost perfect.